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Game Design|Programming|Audio

I'm a tech designer, audio designer, and programmer. When I'm not working on video games, I'm doing parkour/freerunning or downhill skating.

Jo Forchheimer

Recent Projects


In ReBoot you take control of a CRT on roller skates trying to navigate their way out of a bowl shaped satellite dish in order to beam themselves back to earth. 


Box voyage

Box Voyage is a game I and 12 other team members started senior year of college 2020. The game is finished and currently available on steam. It is a puzzle-light game inspired by games like GNOG and analog pocket toys.


Other Project


Twitch Response


Twitch Response is a networked online trivia game show game that is built to allow Twitch viewers and Twitch streamers to compete against each other. The game was made late 2021


Other Project

Plant farm

Plant Farm is a plant growing simulator where the player cares for procedurally generated plants. It also uses weather data from Open Weather Map to effect parts of the game. I've included a playable prototype on the next page.


Key frames is a short 10 minute game I made to experiment with making a one button narrative game. I made this game in 2018 and am interested in remaking this game as a more conventional point and click.

Heart 1.png

Masque rage

Masque Rage is a game I made in 2018 during a weekend game jam while studying abroad in Montreal. It is a combination of a fighting game and a gochapon game. It's visuals are inspired by Saner Edgar's Love is a revolutionary act.

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