Plant farm

Tools Used:

  • Unity 3D 2019.3

  • Shapes

  • C# Visual studio 2019

  • Ableton Live 10

  • GitHub Desktop

  • Blender 

  • Affinity Designer

  • Open Weather Map API

Plant Farm uses weather data and Lindenmayer Systems to procedurally generate plants. The player cares for their plants and manages their resources. The other developers on this project and I have decided to put this project's development on hiatus while we work on other projects. However, an in browser prototype demo version is available to play below if you would like. If the plants don't seem to render, try loading this page in a different web browser.

My responsibilities were to be the audio designer a gameplay/systems programmer on the project. I also made all the 3D models in the game as there are only a few. A few months in, our primary designer and only artist left the project so I started filling in as the lead designer and did some of the art. I programmed the menus, the time system, and all of the audio code. I also wrote the initial code for the plant generator and helped with the weather system and plant care systems. There's a lot of reasons this project had it's development put on hiatus: devs leaving the project, waiting for assets, me being spread too thin to organize and delegate, and using a bunch of tech none of us had ever used before like Freya Holmer's Shapes tool. However I did learn a lot from this project. The lead programmer and I "joke" that we should tear it all down and remake it in a week or two with what we learned from it.