This project was my final for my Interactive Narrative class while studying abroad in 2018. I was the only developer working on the project. All the art, code, and music was done by me. I recorded and produced most of the sounds as well. (The paper and electricution sounds were downloaded from



(Dec 2018)

My Involvement In The Project:


Tools Used:

- Adobe Illustrator

- Unity 2D

- C# programming

- Visual Studio 2017

- Ableton live lite 9

- GitHub Desktop



        The intent of Key Frames was to make a minimalist (slightly dark) comedy narrative
focused 1 button puzzle game. The game will deal with themes such as loss, family, and identity through the eyes of its main character, Levi. The game is a 1 button game. I chose this primarily to see what kind of content I could make with this constraint

Target Audience

        Curious people who are interested in novel and unconventional mechanics and puzzles, 
narratives, and dark humor.


        Key frames is a story of an eccentric tinkerer and grandfather named Ted who has just died.
While his family is cleaning out his house, his daughter, Nora, gets a phone call saying that Ted’s will clearly states to donate all of his money to the Pacific Ocean. Nora, her husband, and her 2 adult children leave to try and sort this out. In doing so, they leave the youngest child, Levi, 
behind to clean the house.  
        While cleaning the house, he finds a camera with a tape in it. The tape is a video of Ted 
explaining that in the house there is a safe with another will in it that supersedes the first will. 
The second will gives all of his money to whoever can solve the puzzles to get to it.


        At some point, an indie let's-player found this game and made a video on it. I've included it here. When he says "Qazik" he's referring to the online alias I used at the time.



Music I made for the game:

Link to the page:


PaperOceans - Jo Forchheimer
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DoYouLikeJazz - Jo Forchheimer
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