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MasqueRage is a top-down combat game with an array of 17 playable fighters. It's a two-player local multiplayer game. The purpose of the game is simply to knock your opponent off the stage. The teams are randomized by a gachapon machine. Instead of selecting a team of fighters, the player is given characters at random. The more rare a character, the more powerful it is. You need controllers to play.

Our team's name for this jam was "Josh Grazda Energy" because he and I are often mistaken for each other. Josh Grazda was part of this jam but not on our team



Video by Leo Robles

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Cameron Belcher


Jo Forchheimer

     Producer, Sound Designer, Programmer

Walter Hill


Joe Siehl


Jonathan Vogt

     Writer and Artist

Dakota Williams

     Designer and Artist


This game was developed during a weekend starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. The jam was started as a class project and was open to all Champlain College students in Montreal. 4 teams competed. The games had to be inspired by local street art

Tools Used:

- Adobe Photoshop

- Unity 2D

- C# programming

- Ableton live lite 9

- Visual Studio 2018

- GitHub Desktop

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All audio was recorded and produced during the jam

FightTheme - Jo Forchheimer
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