Reboot is a 3D platformer roller skating game with a heavy focus on speed.


Reboot is a 3D platformer roller skating game with a

heavy focus on speed. The game’s main draw is the large bowl shaped levels in which the player’s goal is to pick up enough speed to exit the bowl by flying over the edge. We intend to create a fast-paced roller skating experience that encourages the player to build up speed. The player's goal is to achieve the highest score possible. The higher speed the player escapes the bowl with and the less time it takes them to do so, the higher their score is.

The original concept for this game had the player

character as the soul of a broken CRT. The play space of the game would be limbo for old electronics. The player character's motivation was to escape this limbo and get back to earth. Most of this was scrapped as we realized it was out of scope.

Audio direction

We knew early on that the theme and visuals would

be heavily inspired by home/consumer electronics made before the 2000's. When I was writing music for the game I wanted it to use synth that reflected early analogue synths. I wanted to the music to show that it was made digitally. I made sure samples sounded manipulated and edited but also that they still felt natural. I used EQs and bit crushing to give tracks the sound of old speakers and record dust. 

Many of the sound effects were recorded in my dorm

room. Most of them came from me click and clacking old and usually broken audio equipment from the college's Sonic Arts Division. I would take the samples, usually lower their base and increase their high ends with an EQ to make them crunchy. Then I'd add a synth in to make them feel more fun. Example below:



Reboot is a game developed over 1 semester in the second half of junior year (2019). For the first part of the semester the game was developed with a team of 4. In the second half of the semester we on-boarded new team members for a total team size of 11. The game is a 3D platformer on roller blades with a focus on speed. 

Tools Used

- Unity 3D

- Ableton Live Lite 9

- Logic

- Maya

- Adobe Photo Shop

- Adobe Illustrator




- Jo Forchheimer

- Audio Designer

- Music

- Systems Designer

- Programmer

- Hannah Greiner

- Tech Artist

- Art Lead

- Walter Hill

- Lead Programmer

- Dakota Williams

- Systems Designer

- Level Designer

On-Boarded TEAM

- Jacob Biederman

- Gameplay Programmer

- Graphics Programmer

- Rachel Bussone

- Producer

- Jaymee Fulcher

- Producer

- Harry Geotz

- Level Designer

- Leo Robles Gonzalez

- UI Designer

- Leanna Russell

- Environment artist

- Ben Strong

- Gameplay Programmer


Initial Demo

Final Version